Getting started

Learn more about the EL Civics Exchange and two key materials components: accessibility and licensing.

Submitting instructional materials

Learn more about submitting instructional materials to the EL Civics Exchange.

Creating accessible materials

It is important to ensure all learners have access to EL Civics materials; in order to do this, it is your responsibility to check your documents for accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (also known as 508 compliance). Please review the items below and know there are many resources and tutorials available to help you in this process. Take a look at some submitted materials for guidance on how to submit your agency's materials.

More on California EL Civics

EL Civics in California is based on a system of Civic Objectives, Language and Literacy Objectives, and Civic Objectives and Additional Assessment Plans (COAAPs).

Online Webinar - A11y - Accessibility: Considerations for AE Teachers

As we experience more and more technology in our lives, we recognize how much it can help all of us to achieve more, be more productive and more creative. But sometimes we overlook the fact that these same technologies can help our learners who have physical disabilities to experience these same benefits. Come learn with us about the variety of tools, resources, and learning modules around Microsoft Accessibility tools.

PRESENTER: Penny Pearson, OTAN Project Coordinator

DATE: 12/08/2020

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